Monday, December 20, 2010

On the move...oh dear, poor Hobbes!

In the very short space of a week and a half, my wee little buba who was just a dot sitting on the carpet, chewing/dribbling/cooing away to herself. Has decided that she would like to: 1. push herself up to sitting from every possible position, 2. start crawling and 3. pull herself up on everything! I thought someone had designed these little monsters to do things one at a time to enable their mothers to over come the initial shock of their little people changing into slightly bigger people. 

I had to crawl around on all fours like a demented woman trying to find a lost earring or something, looking at everything from Sabine's angle to what she would be able to get at! Plug sockets are now barricaded by little plastic protectors which are actually parent proof too when you want to use one for vacuuming or such like. Our reasonably minimalist house is now super minimalist, and as you can see by the  photo's i am even thinking about removing the poor dog Hobbes to a safer place (for him not for the baby!).

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