About me

I'm a first time mum currently living in New Zealand, that tiny little country a lot of people think is part of Australia. I'm actually British, but i have been in NZ for nearly 13 years now and i married a Kiwi guy a few years back.  I went to Uni in good old Dunedin, where i studied for 6 years (undergrad and postgrad), then moved up the country for work in Wellington and then Auckland. After a couple of years in Auckland i became pregnant and my husband and i thought if ever the chance popped up for us to relocate to Nelson (his home town) we would jump at the chance. Bringing up my buba here will be wonderful, beaches, family and friends.

Now i know nothing about bringing up children, no-one gave me a manual (i'm still waiting hehe). So i am going about this with an open mind and a fair bit of discovery by chance! My main aim is to ensure my little one is happy, healthy and loved. Hopefully what i blog about might help others to realise they are doing a wonderful job at parenting, we all go through this, and maybe some of my activities and experiences might help a few people along the way (or at least they can learn from my mistakes hehe).


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