Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Valley Crafts & Little Sabine unite

OMG, just how wonderful is the amazing powers of the blog world, i met the lovely lady from Green Valley Crafts (sorry the links aren't working today will update later) who now has some of her divine handmade creations in my Little Sabine Store in Nelson. Cool or what!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

New songstress: Birdy

Oooh i just had to share this, i REALLY like Adele and a friend who i grew up with in the UK said that Birdy is the next big thing over there. And at only 14 this young wonderful and beautiful girl has a huge career ahead...check out "Skinny" by Birdy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Before and after

Well, the shop is nearly finished. What a labour of love. I didn't think it would be so much hard work painting a shop, but the end of the tunnel is pretty much here. I seriously could polish of a bottle of wine *phew* 

And then whilst doing all this i made my own website, this i am actually more proud of as i am not an IT person really. But i did my research, learnt a whole lot via "googling it" and's finished: LITTLE SABINE i would love your feedback, and if you have the time casually tell all your friends about it hehe. I will shout you a wine/coffee if you do! 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Natural beauty

Just took this pic from our back garden, the ash is obviously causing a little natural sunset pizzaz tonight. It's been a lovely quiet still day here and with not too many planes going places due to the ash it has been very peaceful (we live nearly at the end of the runway).

Spring in Winter

The season is a little crazy at the moment, daffodils are out, the sun is shinning and i'm wearing shorts (well knee length denim ones at least!). It's very spring like weather, but i haven't seen ducklings yet so i'm not completely barmy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give Peas a Chance...

My little monsters new favorite food is peas, the more the better. Aren't i glad more often than not what goes in comes out the same (peas and raisins bleugh! TMI). But her love for peas is so great she will bypass everything and pick out all the peas one by one. And todays talented trick...look hands!

I have also been really busy with the store, after painting, rearranging, new stock, new children's area and finding a fabulous chair and recovering it to put in the shop. Thanks to my monster's Popa, we have a wonderful chair and i found some gorgeous fabric i had left over from a Sleepy Rabbit.

Here's my sketch all ready for the new kids area of the shop, looking forward to Tuesday when we're back open and it's all finished...pic to come of the finished article!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tea towel swap master plan

Soon, very is the tea towel swap for 2011. I have been planning my swap for a wee while, thinking if i should make something from a tea towel or simply find the most fabulous tea towel ever to give. The wonderful person i am giving too is quite a special lady, and i believe she deserves something a little extra special. So my master plan is in place *mwahahahaa* and i am pretty excited, i hope she likes it when she receives it in the mail. I haven't actually thought much about who will be giving to me, i am so excited about the giving part. Can you tell i have never done a swap before :D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Unofficial bloggy holiday is over...

*phew* a huge sigh of relief as i sit down and sip a little red wine...

So, i opened a new store, repainted over the first sunday and monday, back open on the tuesday and now have a stinking cold! Here's a before and after of what we managed:

Huge effort to get everything  taken down, repaint the walls, reposition everything and make the store super super stylee. But i managed it with the help of some amazing family and friends (a huge thank you to my long suffering husband!). Two days of non-stop painting and it's all done, never again she says (until next time!). Now, just on to the website and online shop, buzy bee's here!

The hired help having morning tea 

Long suffering husband

 Me, i could only reach the low stuff (please disregard HORRIBLE wooden fish in background, BLUEGH!)
The mighty helpful "nana's" sorting a yummy lunch. 


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