Monday, December 27, 2010

A Summer Christmas

Being originally from the South coast of England i am very used to cold (and the very occasional white) Christmas. So even after nearly 13 years of being in NZ i still can't get round the warm christmas time. I still crave cold, dark christmas watching telly and everyone inside looking out to the fairy lights at about 5pm!! still can't beat a NZ xmas, pahutukawa trees in bloom, beautiful blue skies, the beach, christmas day swim off Rocks Road, strawberries and raspberries, lunch outside...the list goes on. But i would actually die and go to heaven if someone said would you like a white christmas, and i would love Sabine to experience this once when she is little its quite magical.

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  1. My sis in law is also from the UK, and she finds the same thing. She misses the cold and the comfort of inside warmth.

  2. I don't think i will ever quite get rid of that feeling, but a kiwi xmas is pretty awesome hey! Silly english people hey Monique hehehe.


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