Saturday, February 26, 2011

A dress to donate

The other day (prior to the quake) i made this dress for my little monster for her impending 1st birthday, since then i have wondered what i could do to raise money to donate? The Dress i i am going to put this on trademe to be auctioned off! The money raised is going to go to the SPCA in Canterbury so that they can continue to help look after lost, injured or help find missing animals during this tragic time. 

So here is the listing, go on have a bid, and also pass this onto your friends. This is an easy way to help out and receive a lovely wee dress (by the way it is a size 12-18months).

Happy bidding :D

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bunting and Buzzy Bee's

With my little monster's first birthday looming, i borrowed a friends overlocker (OMG i love this thing!) and went to town making some very basic bunting for her garden party. Bright and cheerful and spots...of course! I think i will have to starch and iron it though, it's a little curly wurly at the mo! Monster seemed to approve. 

The likkle monster also met her first Buzzy Bee today as well, this one is her dad's. He has seen better days, but is much loved. As you can see the poor Buzzy was worse off still after someone had finished with him! Poor Buzzy.

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Softies for the children of Christchurch

Over at Kiwi at Heart an idea was formed to make some soft toys (softies) to send down to the children of Christchurch. A lovely soft toy to cuddle will surely make some kidlets smile amongst such devastation. '

So from my Little Sabine creation collection i am sending down a Sleepy bunny, i picked this one as i imagine night time is a very difficult time for some kids, especially with some with still power off and many without their own belongings if they are staying with friends or family. So the sleepy bunny has her eyes shut but still smiling, waiting for a cuddle from someone special!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A helping hand for Christchurch

Today Christchurch was hit by another big quake, 6.3 and only 5km deep. The city was virtually  unscathed by the last big one, but sadly this time we haven't been so lucky. So far apparently 65 people have been confirmed dead and from the scenes being published on TV the toll will rise. We have been lucky and the other half's family are all ok, and my friends too. 

If you are in NZ and have a little love to spare, please take the time to lend a helping hand in anyway you can. Up here in Nelson we have some spare beds, if you need some respite from the devastation we would love to help out, we have plenty of beds at friends houses too, please sing out if you need this! So if you can help by donating money, a roof over a head, even just contacting a friend to check they are ok. Please lend a hand in your own special way.

My love and well wishes go out to everyone down there and i hope everyone is ok. xxx

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Monday, February 21, 2011

I love to run :D

On sunday i went for an exploration run, i love finding new places to run and it's great here in Nelson as we haven't been here that long so i get to find tonnes of new trails! The other half had ridden the Coppermine Epic MTB race on saturday so i thought i would run the trail the next day as it sounded amazing! 

It has taken me a few months of gradually building up my hill running fitness, and now i can run uphill pretty easily which makes for taking in the views a bit easier rather than just thinking "oh my god my lungs are going to explode".  There were lot's of people MTB'ing on the trail and they were all so friendly and said hi along the way. There is a race in October up this hill and it's going to be my goal to compete in this, hopefully doing ok in the women's field! There will be tough competition as there are some seriously good multisport women in Nelson, but hopefully i can nip at their heels and maybe beat a couple ;D

To walk/run/MTB this trail, start at the Maitai walkway, head up the river, hop over the bridge and cut through the arbtorium. Walk up the 4WD track and head over Tandragee saddle. Take the Dun Mountain single track and head on round the ridge. Follow the trail back down to The Brook and back round to the start of the Maitai. Awesome!

Click to see larger image!!
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stoneridge Cafe

This afternoon we were supposed to go out the the Brightwater Wine and food festival, but upon arrival they had upped the entry fee to $25 each, so with 3 adults that was a bit steep for our moth eaten wallets.  So instead we went to the Stoneridge Cafe on Moutere Highway! It is a restored/converted wee church, with beautiful gardens and a fantastic little maze. Coffee was wonderful and so was the scones with cream and jam YUM! Shade for a little monster and lot's to see and do. I'm pretty fussy about cafe's, but this one had speedy and friendly service, kid friendly (high chairs and toys!), good food and drink and worth the drive out!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Things i'm loving...

I love this idea from Paisley Jade so here's a few thing's i'm loving ;D

The views of Nelson, simply beautiful

Monsters new skill of poking her tongue out! Such a clever girl ;D

Playing in the dog bed, "downward dog" literally! 

Paddle Boarding, especially when the other half tries it too!


Coffee groups rock!

Since moving to sunny sunny Nelson, i have met up with some fantastic muma's from a coffee group formed at Parent Centre. From a large group i have met a nice wee group of people i have really clicked with, they have been so welcoming and i have slotted in like magic! If you ever move town/city/country, a great way to make new friends is to find a fantastic coffee group. Meeting up generally once a week to chat about your kids lovely habits, your terrible lack of sleep and sometimes have a blinkin good laugh cause everyone has got covered in baby goop the same way that week!

Here are a few of the SUPER CUTE kids from my group (names have been changed to protect the innocent little blighters).


The sprinkler

My monster


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A picture can melt my heart

After a day of no naps, of teeth cutting through, tantrums and tears and absolute tiredness beyond her control...she melts my heart with a killer smile. The long day melts away and i have a heart filled with love, smiles, and happiness.

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Wadrobe wednesday (god i wear weird stuff)

Hmm, looking back at some of my "wadrobe" it doesn't consist of many items of luxurious fabrics, flowing, embezzeled with lace of sparkles or such. But it contains lycra, neoprean and many sets of jandals
Wetsuit - Blue Seventy
Togs - Aquadiva
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The easiest fish recipe on earth

I don't like fish, never have (i blame my mother...sorry mum!). But my husband and little monster do, and being in NZ fish is very good quality.  In a former life a trained as a professional chef, that's another story, but it does mean that i can cook up some good kai when i feel the urge! So i thought i would share this super easy way of cooking some delicious Tarakihi (or any white fish really).

Take some fresh ingredients, here i have some herbs and lemons from our garden, 
Tarakihi and shallots

Bring to a light simmer some milk and a knob of butter and 
place your other ingredients in to allow the flavours to 
infuse into the milk

Let the fish poach gently (don't let the milk boil as it will curdle) for 6-8 mins
and gently remove with a pallet knife...voila! Lovely soft flaky smooth fish!
Serve with steamed vegies and some little new potatoes.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paddle Boarding...addicted!

Yesterday my darling valentine (aka hubby) got me a paddle board hire for my pressie. I have been DYING, chomping at the bit, bordering on annoying, that i wanted to try this out. So i got my wish...and it was sooooo much fun! Easy as pie to stand up, and away i went. Exploring out to sea, over by the rocks, around the beach. Schools of little fish, stingrays and clear blue sea so clear that you could see down to the bottom when out pretty deep. Although it was a pretty hard work out on the body (you have to balance the whole time and paddling can be hard on the arms depending on how fast you want to go) but it was so relaxing, tranquil and utter bliss! I am now an certified addict, lucky hirage is cheep as there is no way i can afford 2K for a board and paddle of my own (keep dreaming Kimber!). 

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Monday, February 14, 2011

The big V.

I'm pretty happy with todays attempt at valentines day, usually it's a non event as i expect and hope for a fantabulously romantic day and to be swept off my feet. But instead of hoping and wishing i took it into my own hands to be the "romantic one". Breakfast in bed (silky smooth scrambled eggs fresh from Popa's chickens, tomatoes from our garden), lovely card and red roses from our own garden. I also ordered a lovely dress watch for the other half but when i went to pick it up it wasn't ready, so tomorrow is another pressie! Tonight i topped off the evening by a picnic on the golf course with some Moet and nibbles! It felt like we were "out" but really just over the fence and in ear shot of sleeping child in case she woke up!

The other half went out and got me some natural confectionary sour worms (my fave!) and a 2 hour rental of a paddle board (pics to come tomorrow!) he did good! So all in all a good day, my advice, don't expect anything, take it into your own hands and you will enjoy.

Love to everyone xoxox

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wadrobe wednesday...

Today's wardrobe wednesday is kindly sponsored by Nike, hehe just kidding. This is my alter-ego "athlete muma", i feel like Jeckal and Hyde, i'm either in muma mode or out training. And nether the twain do they meet...yet! Races are coming up soon and i have the BEST little cheer leader coming to watch!

Oh...and please excuse the trout pout, little miss has just learnt to blow kisses, so this is my new favorite game "Mmmwaaaa" xx

Singlet: Nike, Shorts: Adidas, Trainers: Asics, Watch: Polar

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