Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas wish list - Pressie #1

As i travel along my merry way i come across special items that i would LOVE to get for Christmas, just for me, not for the baby or the husband or the dog. ME! This is a hypothetical list mind you as i know i will probably never get any if these beautiful things as i now live in a baby proofed home. So any of you out there that can handle such special items in their house...this is for you! And I'll keep dreaming!

Pressie number 1:

Lightly is an Aussie company which has many beautiful things (take a look at the china plate butterflies too!) but the one thing i fell in love with was this mirror from Lightly's "Eye Spy" children's range. But...i think this would look rather good in my room rather than the monsters!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Haven't had the time or energy to blog lately, as usual with little one's starting pre-school we are living the eternal snotty cold. With the other half away still i am sleep deprived and running on caffeine. I am also a little pre-occupied with my wee store Little Sabine which is gathering momentum each day *excited squeal*

I have also going to be selling my toys at Baby Vintage in Plimmerton which is wonderful! The first lot will go down at the end of the week! Can't wait to see if they are successful in the windy city! I'm actually very nervous, but trying to feel confident too!

And...just cause i can, here is a few pics of my little monster. Who kept me on my toes all weekend with night waking, to which we ended up watching "In the night garden" at 2:30am as that was all that would stop her crying. My poor likkle monster.

Also stay tuned for my Christmas wish list (stuff i will never get cause it's too expensive or someone will never get the hint loud enough!) but you never know who is reading ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tarseal love ♥

♥♥♥ Me and the other half went for a ride last Sunday....together...without a baby...or a dog!!! We escaped into the Nelson sunshine whilst Popa babysat the monster and needy dog. It was so nice out on the bike, riding along the waterfront and around town. I even felt like i could ride at a decent click too, and no drafting either ;) I felt like my old self again and loved being on the road! Looking forward to some more sunshine hours this Sunday and some quality time with the other half as i haven't seen him all week. I thought i would never get out for a ride with the husband as the monster can be a bit tricky with her sleeps, and not wishing that on anyone bar the ones that have to endure it it's been 7 months till this ride!  So WAHOOO bring on some more tarseal! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy dance...not far off pre-pregnancy weight!

Thought i would update a pic of me...just because i am pretty happy today cause i am nearly at my pre-pregnancy weight! all my dog walking, buggy pushing, sometimes running, occasional cycling and lot's of lifting and ever increasing weight (otherwise known as the monster). The other helping component is the fact that the Husband is away, and i now do not eat man-sized portions or eat like it's a competition otherwise he will eat it off my plate (or hover until i give in!).

I never thought it would take me 7 months plus to get the weight off (in a healthy manner) but here i am, it just doesn't seem that after having a baby that the extra kg's want to leave...I mean i have told it often enough to bugger off and go put itself on someone else's butt, but it just won't listen! So to all those out there still struggling to get rid of those extra wobbly bits...persevere my friends!

First day at Pre-School

Phew...we both survived the monster's first morning at pre-school. Beenie was greeted by a little girl called "Bella" who proceeded to give the monster 8 cuddles in a row! I settled the monster on the matt outside which another wee one was playing on, with an array of sticks, tins and all sorts of good things to bash! I stayed for a while to watch the play (and chomping on previously mentioned stick) and then went to the supermarket...no baby attached!

I didn't need much at the supermarket, but didn't want to look like a complete neurotic mad woman, so did a few extra laps of the isles to bide some time. I had to restrain myself from walking as fast as i could back to the pre-school just in case the monster was having a melt down or something. But as you will all know...she was fine! Well I'm just glad that first time of leaving her there is over and now i can enjoy a little hands free time and get out into this sunshine stuff for some more running. I have a feeling that this will be great for me, i think i will really relish the time i have with my monster a little more now as i the constant wriggly squeely dribbly monster can be a bit much 24/7. Some TLC for me I think and this poor dog can get a good walk too!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My store...up and running!

Just thought i would share a few things at "Little Sabine" if you have a spare minute please head on over to my Facebook page and "Like" me :D

Whilst the cats away mwahahaha

The other half (not necessarily the better one hehe) is away for business for six looooong weeks, and although he is back on the weekends it's going to be a bit lonely on my tod. It's the longest we have spent apart in our entire relationship so it's going to be weird. Hopefully a character building project and if i can survive six weeks alone with a monster i can do anything! Good thing is i have the husbands family here in sunny Nelson so I'm sure Popa and Co. will be bashing the door down at 5pm for some dribbly cuddles and some "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaring" (current favorite noise for a monster).

Now what can i get up to whilst he is away that usually i wouldn't be allowed to do *insert evil laugh here*

So, here's a wee pic of the other half and the monster...just in case he forgets just how much his wee monster loves him ;)


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