Monday, January 31, 2011

A mighty fine view

We don't live in the flashiest of houses, or "the" area to be in. But we certainly do have one of the best views! Our garden is basically the 2nd tee, and beyond that is the sea and the mountains. When a certain little monster is all tucked up in bed, i venture out on to the golf course (shh don't tell the green keeper) and take in the view, quite often accompanied by my beautiful cat. Sometimes this is simply the best part of my day.

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  1. Completely jealous... you have a lot to be thankful for... If I stand on tippy toes I can see the sheep on the hill behind our house and it always makes me feel calm and happy!

    Thanks for sharing your view.

  2. That view is spectacular! My husband would die to live right by the golf course. lol :)

  3. LJ: I can just imagine you, on tip toes, peering over a fence then "ahhhh, there's those wee sheep" :)

    Helen: He he neither of us play which is quite funny! Sometimes we just play "rate the golfers swing" i feel like holding up a score card!

  4. Fabulous view! And a lovely photograph too. Awww, bless your cat! X


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