Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wadrobe Wednesday!

This is my favorite outfit of the summer so far (please try and ignore the unkept hair and no makeup look...tres chique i know!). I picked up this gorgeous t-shirt at the Vintage Heaven shop in Nelson, it's hand made in Canada (so technically not vintage, just vintage look) and the lady in Nelson brings them in. I love it, sailing at dusk...*sigh* one of the wonderful things i would love to be doing if i wasn't at home watching my wee likkle monster sleep. I just love the boat neck design and the fit is just wonderful. If you are ever in Nelson you must go to Vintage Heaven on BRidge street (sadly they don't have a website). 

Shorts a la Glassons and brown Jandals from Billabong (gotta have brown jandals!). 

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  1. A gorgeous top indeed and I love the neckline too. We've just returned from a beautiful holiday in Nelson - wish I'd known about that shop then - ah well - shall have to return real soon! LOVE Nelson! :)

  2. It really is a fantastic shop, maybe i should tell them to get a website up asap :D I'm very lucky to live in this little slice of paradise! I was looking at your gorgeous pics today...fabulous! Hope your stay was wonderful.

  3. thanks for your comment :)
    that top is super, super cute. my BFF lives in nelson...will def have to visit that shop if we ever make it down there to visit her!
    Dee x

  4. Blue jandals are where it's at ;)

  5. Tee hee hee Kahlia, one day i may go to the "Blue" side ;)


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