Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autumnal change

It seems as though with the clocks going back, someone has flicked the autumn switch at the same time. Leaves are changing colour and falling, acorns all over the ground and the temperature is definitely on the down turn! We woke up to 4 degrees this morning and snow on the surrounding hills, quite a change from the 25 degrees last week! I have had to crank out the boots and put away the jandals (heaven forbid).

We were lucky enough last week to catch a glimpse of warmth and head out for a picnic at Isel park in Stoke. Beautiful old trees in the park like grounds of the old house. Even the greyhound can come here and enjoy a walk. There were horse chestnuts (conkers) to play with (my childhood remembers this game) and plenty of leaves to pick up and crinkle. Pooh sticks in the river with Papa and some Afghans to fill our tummies. 

Autumn is a lovely time of year...

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