Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winter garden

This is the last of my beautiful roses, winter is really nipping at our toes here at the top of the south, so the garden is slowly loosing the bright flowers, leaves are turning and falling and a touch of frost on the ground too. It's nice to see the autumn colours though, and a dusting of snow on the ranges across the water from us. It was only 3 degrees this morning, i had to defrost the ice from the car before i took the monster to pre-school! She is wrapped up so warm she probably can't move! The dog (who is skin and bones being a greyhound) has is fleece jacket on it's so cold, lets hope his friends don't see him, it's not very masculine!

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  1. LOVE your photographs and new header on your blog. Brrr, Autumn chill is definitely settling in!

  2. He he i couldn't resist that photo for the header! There will be snow on the Rumataka's soon too i bet!


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