Friday, June 3, 2011

Unofficial bloggy holiday is over...

*phew* a huge sigh of relief as i sit down and sip a little red wine...

So, i opened a new store, repainted over the first sunday and monday, back open on the tuesday and now have a stinking cold! Here's a before and after of what we managed:

Huge effort to get everything  taken down, repaint the walls, reposition everything and make the store super super stylee. But i managed it with the help of some amazing family and friends (a huge thank you to my long suffering husband!). Two days of non-stop painting and it's all done, never again she says (until next time!). Now, just on to the website and online shop, buzy bee's here!

The hired help having morning tea 

Long suffering husband

 Me, i could only reach the low stuff (please disregard HORRIBLE wooden fish in background, BLUEGH!)
The mighty helpful "nana's" sorting a yummy lunch. 

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