Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give Peas a Chance...

My little monsters new favorite food is peas, the more the better. Aren't i glad more often than not what goes in comes out the same (peas and raisins bleugh! TMI). But her love for peas is so great she will bypass everything and pick out all the peas one by one. And todays talented trick...look hands!

I have also been really busy with the store, after painting, rearranging, new stock, new children's area and finding a fabulous chair and recovering it to put in the shop. Thanks to my monster's Popa, we have a wonderful chair and i found some gorgeous fabric i had left over from a Sleepy Rabbit.

Here's my sketch all ready for the new kids area of the shop, looking forward to Tuesday when we're back open and it's all finished...pic to come of the finished article!


  1. I sent my MIL to your shop the other weekend when she was visiting Nelson and she thought it was great!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your online shop since its a little far for me to visit in person!
    Oh, and I love your sketch - look forward to seeing the finished product shot.

  2. Yes i remember her! How wonderful she popped in, thank you for sending her, i hope you can pop in one day :D


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