Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tea towel swap master plan

Soon, very is the tea towel swap for 2011. I have been planning my swap for a wee while, thinking if i should make something from a tea towel or simply find the most fabulous tea towel ever to give. The wonderful person i am giving too is quite a special lady, and i believe she deserves something a little extra special. So my master plan is in place *mwahahahaa* and i am pretty excited, i hope she likes it when she receives it in the mail. I haven't actually thought much about who will be giving to me, i am so excited about the giving part. Can you tell i have never done a swap before :D


  1. Gutted I missed this! I am not crafty but I can buy things :)

    Next year I am in!

  2. Good to see your organised. I am still trying to figure out what I am doing. I have found the most gorgeous vintage tea towel on etsy. But part of me wants to make something too. Trouble is I don't know what...

  3. Hey lovely!!!! I got it today! Yippee its beautiful and the colours are PERFECTLY me too! What a gorgeous surprise. Thank you Ali!

  4. No problem :D so glad you like it and that the colours are just you! Hooray my first swap was a success!

  5. Well...keep your eyes peeled for the courier. I'm sure it'll be your turn next! ;)


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