Friday, October 1, 2010

Beyond puree

My monster is constantly eyeing up what i eat now, and little reaching arms and fingers and trying to grab food as i try and try as i might to get it to my mouth. We had tried steamed broccoli and carrots before which were a hit, but tonight i gave her some bread (just wholemeal to avoid grains that i don't think would digest well in little tummies) with a thin scraping of margarine and marmite. She has mastered the art of putting things in her mouth (this includes everything and anything including socks and toes!), so i thought the finger food would be fine. I wasn't so sure on the flavour of marmite though.'s now the current favorite. And anything that didn't make it to her mouth was happily nibbled up by the resident vacuum cleaner (aka Hobbes our Greyhound!). Having her two front teeth is also helping chewing and mushing food up in her mouth, and i now have to be very careful if i dare to pop one of my fingers in her mouth as those little things are razor sharp! I think my next job will be finding new healthy and yummy things to eat that are easy to pick up and much on.

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