Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dancin' feet

I have lot's to learn about kids shoe sizing, i had bought a size 4 shoe for my niece's 1st birthday. I thought they were pretty big, but on return home and trying them on my monster i found that a size 4 probably wouldn't fit a 1 year old. Why don't they just mark them with age? Common' make it easy for us pleeeeeeeeease. Anyhoo...needless to say Beenie has now got a brand new pair of shoes, she doesn't really wear shoes at all (just socks) apart from special occasions where she gets all dressed up and prettyfied (this word is out of the Ali dictionary of kiddie words ha ha). Sabine loves standing up and having muma dance with her to music (Brooke Fraser is pretty cool apparently, not too sure about muma's singing though), and now with her new special dancin' shoes the dancin' is now AMAZING. The light sparkles the shoes over the entire carpet and it's like 2 disco balls on her feet. New game....tick!

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