Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting back my love of sport

Over the last couple of weeks i have had a great change both physically and mentally with my fitness level and i now feel like i am more 'training' than just moving my body trying to loose weight. When i ran track i was pretty tiny, 5'6" and 53kg. And I think from memory i had 11% body fat, hmmm now i think it's a little bit more than that hehe. I still don't fit a lot of my clothes, i was a small size 8, but I'm getting there! My fave pair of knee length jean shorts can now get over my thighs and button up....but i can't move or breathe ;) I told myself after the monster arrived i was going to get back my fitness sensibly and gradually so not to injure myself or get divorced by my husband by making him a runners widower. Having previously had 3 stress fractures all at the same time i know the pain and frustration that can be caused by too much too soon. Additionally a good marathon runner friend of mine sustained a pelvic stress fracture after her first born by going back too fast and too many miles on lax ligaments and a post-baby stressed body (she has been whispering in my ear giving me good words of wisdom for gradual progression). 


It all seemed so hard, mentally and physically, i couldn't run like before. Slow, heavy body, laboured breathing and feeling weak after loosing all my muscular strength. But patience has paid off, and i feel stronger, can run for longer, run like i feel like a runner (YAY!) and actually do decent runs off into the hills (even up the hills shock horror!). I got up this morning at 6:30, lay there for a while and then I was up, excited about where i was going to ride. Putting on my cycling kit was great, i knew once i was off i could actually ride and fast too. Not like the overweight jelly belly i felt like before that looked like someone had tried to stuff a sausage into a skin far too small.

The focus i have had on trying to get strong and gradually increase my fitness rather than focus on my weight, is really paying off. I am still no-where near where i was, but I'm getting there! And with race season opening in a month i am inspired and i love training in the heat so bring on summer! I have lot's more tracks to run and explore, new races to enter and hopefully feel faster and fitter than ever before! I even managed an hour session in the pool yesterday, swimming well zooming through the water in the fast (yay fast) lane.

I hope by the end of summer, my little monster will be there cheering me on from the sideline with her papa. It was hard putting my love of sport on hold for an entire year, but having Sabine has made me realise i can conquer the hardest of challenges. She will now be my inspiration when I'm out training and racing, to make her proud of her muma.

Me - pre baby out racing


  1. What an inspiring post. Today I watched my husband do a 10km event and I was beside myself with jealously, but you are right, it is one step at a time and we will all get there in the end. One of the guys watching the race said as all the men were coming through ''where are all the women?'' as a joke, I said 'ah hem,'' and he turned around to see me with toddler by the hand and six month old in the Ergo. We're just biding our time, I said, and he said ''good for you,'' with a big smile.

  2. He he Tess, patience is a vitue they say hey :D i'm glad the post inspired you, hopefully your husband will be the one with the kids watching you soon! I imagine it's twice as hard with two kidlets to look after as well! But maybe twice as motivating to get back out there :D


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