Monday, October 4, 2010

Princess of catnaps

9 times out of 10, this cute little face is what i see EXACTLY 45mins from when she goes to sleep in the daytime. I used to get all stressed out that she wasn't sleeping very long in the day, i mean all the 'books' say she should have a good 2 hour lunchtime nap. Yeah whatever! I was getting so over the top neurotic about these 'catnaps' and thinking she was going to suffer horribly if she didn't have these, but i realised (not so long ago) that i should just embrace the catnaps and stop worrying and have happy buba. I think in my endeavour to try my hardest to make her go back down for more sleep was in turn making her more upset and the vicious cycle began. If i see a sneaky yawn and an eye rub i do try and see if the gentle head rub secret weapon will work. If however, the monster as per usual is flapping arms in the air, grinning from ear to ear and doing an abb crunch good enough to put me to shame, i tend to think the monster isn't tired hehe. So my new mantra: "stress less and enjoy the good times."


  1. this happened with zoe, but she only cat napped for a while and then started staying awake longer and longer and they all joined into one or maybe two naps. since zoe was sick with a tummy bug - her naps are all up the shoot - sometimes only have one half hour nap! the whole day! gah!

    you'll probably find that she'll be doing something completely different soon! ah the joys!

  2. Ha ha that's something to look forward to then Sarah :D At least my monster isn't the only one who does this! No day sleeps and is about to get busy ;)

  3. Mine has been a cat-napper since she was born (just turned 6 months) and like you, I stress a lot about it... but slowly getting over it and trying to appreciate the good times in-between now! She has just gone down, but I doubt this will even reach 45 minutes - generally the 5pm sleep is only 30 minutes! But good enough for a cup of tea with Dad before we start the bed-time routine!


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