Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back from the brink of chaos!

Woooooow, what a few weeks we have had. It's all been a little busy with sickness (chest infection me + monster), referral to the audiologist for the monster and me starting my own wee store! Put that all together and there wasn't much time to blog...I know DISASTER! but anyway we are back and lots to catch up on.

The wee monster got her fist cold, i have never seen so much dribble + snot + coughing + sneezing in all my life.  The poor wee dot just couldn't drink her milk due to the bunged up nose and sleep was a disaster as lying down made things worse. I could have coped, but i had "man flu" and getting up 3x+ per night made for one angry mummy monster. I'm sure my head spun round a few times ala the exorcist! The husband nearly wore it all as he sleeps like the dead and even an elbow to the ribs couldn't wake him to help. New mantra "we aren't thrown things we can't cope with" i must keep reciting this until i believe ;)

Next 'hurdle' the monster has had a hearing issue for a while, i thought maybe it was selective hearing as mummy monster suffers from this repeatedly hehe. But the GP referred us to the audiology specialist and after 5 tests the right side seems to be not doing so good. Hmmm, back in 8 weeks to get re-tested. In the mean time we are keeping up the baby sign language (for hearing kids) as this helps a lot and she is already understanding "milk" and "bath" and "food" which is pretty exciting. I'm a wee bit worried about the hearing issue, but also glad it's just one little ear and not both or something half full!

I have also channeled my inner creative goddess *ehem* and started my own wee store creating little toys for little people!! I have always loved craft, art and making things in general so now i can put this all together in my store Little Sabine and i will be selling on FELT orders are rushing in already and i am brimming with excitement!

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