Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First day at Pre-School

Phew...we both survived the monster's first morning at pre-school. Beenie was greeted by a little girl called "Bella" who proceeded to give the monster 8 cuddles in a row! I settled the monster on the matt outside which another wee one was playing on, with an array of sticks, tins and all sorts of good things to bash! I stayed for a while to watch the play (and chomping on previously mentioned stick) and then went to the supermarket...no baby attached!

I didn't need much at the supermarket, but didn't want to look like a complete neurotic mad woman, so did a few extra laps of the isles to bide some time. I had to restrain myself from walking as fast as i could back to the pre-school just in case the monster was having a melt down or something. But as you will all know...she was fine! Well I'm just glad that first time of leaving her there is over and now i can enjoy a little hands free time and get out into this sunshine stuff for some more running. I have a feeling that this will be great for me, i think i will really relish the time i have with my monster a little more now as i the constant wriggly squeely dribbly monster can be a bit much 24/7. Some TLC for me I think and this poor dog can get a good walk too!

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