Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy dance...not far off pre-pregnancy weight!

Thought i would update a pic of me...just because i am pretty happy today cause i am nearly at my pre-pregnancy weight! all my dog walking, buggy pushing, sometimes running, occasional cycling and lot's of lifting and ever increasing weight (otherwise known as the monster). The other helping component is the fact that the Husband is away, and i now do not eat man-sized portions or eat like it's a competition otherwise he will eat it off my plate (or hover until i give in!).

I never thought it would take me 7 months plus to get the weight off (in a healthy manner) but here i am, it just doesn't seem that after having a baby that the extra kg's want to leave...I mean i have told it often enough to bugger off and go put itself on someone else's butt, but it just won't listen! So to all those out there still struggling to get rid of those extra wobbly bits...persevere my friends!

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