Monday, November 15, 2010


Haven't had the time or energy to blog lately, as usual with little one's starting pre-school we are living the eternal snotty cold. With the other half away still i am sleep deprived and running on caffeine. I am also a little pre-occupied with my wee store Little Sabine which is gathering momentum each day *excited squeal*

I have also going to be selling my toys at Baby Vintage in Plimmerton which is wonderful! The first lot will go down at the end of the week! Can't wait to see if they are successful in the windy city! I'm actually very nervous, but trying to feel confident too!

And...just cause i can, here is a few pics of my little monster. Who kept me on my toes all weekend with night waking, to which we ended up watching "In the night garden" at 2:30am as that was all that would stop her crying. My poor likkle monster.

Also stay tuned for my Christmas wish list (stuff i will never get cause it's too expensive or someone will never get the hint loud enough!) but you never know who is reading ;)

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