Monday, November 1, 2010

Whilst the cats away mwahahaha

The other half (not necessarily the better one hehe) is away for business for six looooong weeks, and although he is back on the weekends it's going to be a bit lonely on my tod. It's the longest we have spent apart in our entire relationship so it's going to be weird. Hopefully a character building project and if i can survive six weeks alone with a monster i can do anything! Good thing is i have the husbands family here in sunny Nelson so I'm sure Popa and Co. will be bashing the door down at 5pm for some dribbly cuddles and some "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaring" (current favorite noise for a monster).

Now what can i get up to whilst he is away that usually i wouldn't be allowed to do *insert evil laugh here*

So, here's a wee pic of the other half and the monster...just in case he forgets just how much his wee monster loves him ;)

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