Monday, February 21, 2011

I love to run :D

On sunday i went for an exploration run, i love finding new places to run and it's great here in Nelson as we haven't been here that long so i get to find tonnes of new trails! The other half had ridden the Coppermine Epic MTB race on saturday so i thought i would run the trail the next day as it sounded amazing! 

It has taken me a few months of gradually building up my hill running fitness, and now i can run uphill pretty easily which makes for taking in the views a bit easier rather than just thinking "oh my god my lungs are going to explode".  There were lot's of people MTB'ing on the trail and they were all so friendly and said hi along the way. There is a race in October up this hill and it's going to be my goal to compete in this, hopefully doing ok in the women's field! There will be tough competition as there are some seriously good multisport women in Nelson, but hopefully i can nip at their heels and maybe beat a couple ;D

To walk/run/MTB this trail, start at the Maitai walkway, head up the river, hop over the bridge and cut through the arbtorium. Walk up the 4WD track and head over Tandragee saddle. Take the Dun Mountain single track and head on round the ridge. Follow the trail back down to The Brook and back round to the start of the Maitai. Awesome!

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