Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bunting and Buzzy Bee's

With my little monster's first birthday looming, i borrowed a friends overlocker (OMG i love this thing!) and went to town making some very basic bunting for her garden party. Bright and cheerful and spots...of course! I think i will have to starch and iron it though, it's a little curly wurly at the mo! Monster seemed to approve. 

The likkle monster also met her first Buzzy Bee today as well, this one is her dad's. He has seen better days, but is much loved. As you can see the poor Buzzy was worse off still after someone had finished with him! Poor Buzzy.

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  1. I am highly impressed with how your bunting matches your blog background. :P

  2. He he thanks, that was a good fluke wasn't it :D


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