Monday, February 14, 2011

The big V.

I'm pretty happy with todays attempt at valentines day, usually it's a non event as i expect and hope for a fantabulously romantic day and to be swept off my feet. But instead of hoping and wishing i took it into my own hands to be the "romantic one". Breakfast in bed (silky smooth scrambled eggs fresh from Popa's chickens, tomatoes from our garden), lovely card and red roses from our own garden. I also ordered a lovely dress watch for the other half but when i went to pick it up it wasn't ready, so tomorrow is another pressie! Tonight i topped off the evening by a picnic on the golf course with some Moet and nibbles! It felt like we were "out" but really just over the fence and in ear shot of sleeping child in case she woke up!

The other half went out and got me some natural confectionary sour worms (my fave!) and a 2 hour rental of a paddle board (pics to come tomorrow!) he did good! So all in all a good day, my advice, don't expect anything, take it into your own hands and you will enjoy.

Love to everyone xoxox

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