Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The easiest fish recipe on earth

I don't like fish, never have (i blame my mother...sorry mum!). But my husband and little monster do, and being in NZ fish is very good quality.  In a former life a trained as a professional chef, that's another story, but it does mean that i can cook up some good kai when i feel the urge! So i thought i would share this super easy way of cooking some delicious Tarakihi (or any white fish really).

Take some fresh ingredients, here i have some herbs and lemons from our garden, 
Tarakihi and shallots

Bring to a light simmer some milk and a knob of butter and 
place your other ingredients in to allow the flavours to 
infuse into the milk

Let the fish poach gently (don't let the milk boil as it will curdle) for 6-8 mins
and gently remove with a pallet knife...voila! Lovely soft flaky smooth fish!
Serve with steamed vegies and some little new potatoes.

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