Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A helping hand for Christchurch

Today Christchurch was hit by another big quake, 6.3 and only 5km deep. The city was virtually  unscathed by the last big one, but sadly this time we haven't been so lucky. So far apparently 65 people have been confirmed dead and from the scenes being published on TV the toll will rise. We have been lucky and the other half's family are all ok, and my friends too. 

If you are in NZ and have a little love to spare, please take the time to lend a helping hand in anyway you can. Up here in Nelson we have some spare beds, if you need some respite from the devastation we would love to help out, we have plenty of beds at friends houses too, please sing out if you need this! So if you can help by donating money, a roof over a head, even just contacting a friend to check they are ok. Please lend a hand in your own special way.

My love and well wishes go out to everyone down there and i hope everyone is ok. xxx

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