Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paddle Boarding...addicted!

Yesterday my darling valentine (aka hubby) got me a paddle board hire for my pressie. I have been DYING, chomping at the bit, bordering on annoying, that i wanted to try this out. So i got my wish...and it was sooooo much fun! Easy as pie to stand up, and away i went. Exploring out to sea, over by the rocks, around the beach. Schools of little fish, stingrays and clear blue sea so clear that you could see down to the bottom when out pretty deep. Although it was a pretty hard work out on the body (you have to balance the whole time and paddling can be hard on the arms depending on how fast you want to go) but it was so relaxing, tranquil and utter bliss! I am now an certified addict, lucky hirage is cheep as there is no way i can afford 2K for a board and paddle of my own (keep dreaming Kimber!). 

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  1. I've seen folk doing this in the waters around where we live and it looks so serenely wonderful. I must make some time to give it a go!

  2. Oh you must try, it's so easy and lot's of fun. A few friends are going to join me next time for a little journey round Haulashore island, apparently there are seals and things to see! Very cheep to rent too, i dare you to have a go :D


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