Sunday, March 27, 2011

The afternoon was a great success, lot's of happy toddlers eating yummy things, friends and family all chatting and having a few drinks. Sabine was a wonderful birthday girl and there was not a tantrum in sight! It was a shame to eat the  duck biscuits and cake, but that's what they are for hey! There was even a fantastic turn out of dads too, that really made my afternoon! 

The group of wonderful mums from my coffee group had sneakily teamed together and bought Sabine a balance bike, i was gob smacked! I actually had a wee tear in my eye but don't tell them that! 

Some weables, a little car, some awesome books and the rocking horse Sabine's popa had up-cycled. A very lucky little girl. And more to come on thursday when it's her actual birthday. 

I wonder what the next year will bring, this one has been a roller coaster of fun!

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