Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nearly a year...panic stations!

Holy @#%^(%^&* where did nearly a year go to??? Today is officially the end of summer and the beginning of March, meaning 31 days till my monster is one and only 27 days until we have her party!! I can't believe that nearly a year has passed since she dramatically came into our lives (read about this here) and i can't imagine life without her, she is amazing in so many ways. Especially when she makes me laugh by doing things like this....

So, as i try and think about a few other things in my day other than the terrible time that Christchurch is having, i think about how lucky i am to have a healthy and happy little girl. To celebrate how blessed i am i am planning a wonderful birthday party for her.

She LOVES ducks, so this is the theme for the afternoon! My clever little monster can actually say duck and make a duck sign too (must be clever like her mama hehe). So i have set about finding all sorts of things ducky and blue and yellow 'stuff' to add to the ambience! My poor long suffering husband thinks i am nuts and that i am probably doing the stuff i would like for my own party...probably right, but hey, you gotta act your shoe size some of the time!!

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