Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling down, but not out!

The other day i put up an auction on trademe for a dress i had made for Sabine's 1st birthday to raise some pennies for CHCH. 

Rather excited i checked to see how the auction was going...and no bids. over 250 views, 4 watchers...but no bids. I felt really down about this as i thought at least one person would grab it for the reserve of a measly $30. Ho hum, onwards and upwards i thought. Not everything works out as you had envisaged it, so the dress sat on the hanger in Sabine's room looking all pretty. 

But things work out is funny ways, you see my cousin in England had seen the dress when i put the auction link on facebook, and he asked if he could bid. I told him sadly he couldn't as it was a bit too complicated for dumb old me to work out international funds transfer etc. He asked if i could make one for his little girl, so i happily said i would. Then he emailed me, with an electronic receipt for NZ$110 to Canterbury SPCA. So as fate would have it, the donation i wanted to raise was made for me and my cousin gets the dress! 

Isn't the world wonderful sometimes! A big thank you to my cousin Mark, this little dress is destined for England!


  1. YAY for Mark!!

    I loved the beautiful dress you made and would have bid on it if Monkey looked good in dresses :P But I thought the birdcage theme would just be too much for him!

    Have a great Sunday

  2. Ahhh thanks Honey, hmm a monkey in a bird cage he he yes that would have been a funny sight :D

  3. I love the dress! But alas I couldn't work out how to buy it from the UK on Trade Me either :-(
    If you make some more I'd take a couple for my cheeky twin girls.
    Hope Sabine has a wonderful party

  4. Hi Kiri, i'm sure i could whip a couple up for you :D *squeel* twins, how gorgeous!


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