Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first holiday

We have just got back from a well executed holiday to Wellington and Wanganui, a master plan was put in place, and all went well with no melt downs or tantrums (from any of us!!). Staying with some of my friends in Welly and then a trip to Wanganui to see Sabine's great-nana and cousins. I was pretty nervous to start with as previously Sabine has screamed the entire airplane down the moment she got on, but this time was a great success! Slight mission packing with all Sabine's stuff (porta-cot, buggy etc) and my training stuff including bike! But somehow we managed to get it there and even fit it all in a rather small ford focus! 

5 days away, lot's of friends to entertain Sabine, family BBQ and crazy time in the swimming pool and Sabine was one happy camper the entire time! Yes, she is always like this, i giggled to my friends. 

Tips for traveling with a 11 month old:

~ Pack lot's of nibbles for on the plane
~ Give them a drink on take off and landing to help with their ears
~ Toys to entertain on the plane
~ Find out where the nearest park is (preferably with duck pond!)
~ Ask your friends to baby proof their lounge before you get there so all precious items are   safe!
~ Shop around car rental companies for a "free" baby seat, some will charge you! And most are forward facing which i didn't like.
~ Sit next to another family in the departure lounge, instant play mates!!!

Watching the ducks with my Papa

Feeding Nana's cat, this ended badly (for Sabine!)

Me and my great-nana Heather

It's been a long day!
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  1. Love this post sweetheart - so glad that everything went swimmingly (lol), great to have you back. xx

  2. Great advice. I am hoping to make a plane travel kit this week for Monkey. I'll post pictures if it turns out ok :)

    So glad you had a good break!


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