Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shoe addict at 11 months...

I can't afford new shoes, so i am living vicariously through my daughter. Now that she is doing some walking i thought i would get some soft shoes for when she is outside and for the few cold mornings we have had here. Some i have grabbed as $4 bargains, some as expensive as $20, Ooooh i hear you say. 

These i bought today and are my...i mean Sabine's new favorites. They were in the boy section at Pumpkin patch. I don't normally shop there as there style doesn't appeal to me much and they are rather expensive but i saw these and couldn't resist. Actually their boys section had a few things i would put a girl in!!

These are the "dress to impress" shoes, the "dancing feet" shoes. I have featured these before but i thought they warranted another look cause they are so sparkly and cool! A $4.50 purchase!

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  1. Ha, ha, I love this post and all the shoes!! My girls get very excited about shoes (so do I - just wish I could get some of their shoes in my size and for the same price!!) x


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