Monday, March 7, 2011

Nap time crafts

My darling little monster is down to one nap a day at lunch time for about an hour and a half, during this time i find that i can (if i'm quick) make something without interruptions of the Sabine kind.

So to jazz up Sabines usual wardrobe of a onsie and trackies, i made this wee cross over top to pop over the top and make her look all pretty and girly (please note not a hint of pink in sight...i'm a little anti-pink).

I still have my friends overlocker and i'm using this as much as possible before she asks for it back. Makes things a whole lot easier when you only had an hour and a half.

What can you make in your child's nap time? Have a try...

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  1. wow you have the cutest little bean! And I'm envious of your sewing skills!


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