Monday, September 6, 2010


So Finally i have gotten around to doing this blog thingy, it's a bit of a test run to be honest as i am a repeat offender of starting something and never finishing! But hopefully it will inspire me to continue doing this every time Sabine and our family do something exciting and i can keep these memories for her so she can look back and see how she became the person she is.

Sabine Luna Kimber-Bate was born 31st March 2010 at 9:47pm at North Shore Hospital New Zealand. It wasn't the easiest of births as i was induced (i'm so glad these moments fade otherwise i would never contimplate pregnancy and birth again), she got a bit stuck (enter the dreaded vontouse!) then she got distressed and finally came into the world rather lifeless.  The moments after this were all a bit of a blur and all i could think was that she wasn't alive. She wasn't breathing on her own and had too much liquid in her lungs. The SCBU lady came in and whisked her away where they found out she had a neumothorax (small hole in her lung) so she had to stay in the unit and be monitored. Sabine was the LARGEST baby in the unit but the only baby not wriggling. After a good stay under the magnificent care of the unit she began to wriggle again and 2 days later i finally got to hold my baby.

I will leave out the gory details as it wasn't pretty and i don't want to put anyone off childbirth, all i can say is don't have a ridgid birth plan as if things don't go the way you imagine (nice waterbirth, no drugs, sneeze and out she pops kinda thing) you want to be able to go "ok, i'm in pain GIVE ME THE EPIDURAL" and next time *shudder* it might be totally different and a nice experience. But in saying all of this, the one day of drama that it took to get her here was worth every moment.  Now she is in my life i would do that a thousand times over just to see her. 

Now i may refer to Sabine as 'My monster' and i say this in a nice cute smiley monster way, you'll see why as i go along! From the moment we took her home she has been a bundle of wriggles, i thought babies just layed there and coo'ed...oh no! Not this one! This one is a fire cracker he he.

We have moved back to the 'Main land' to sunny Nelson and it's lovely here, by the beach and i can't wait for summer to come so the sand castle competitions can begin (between me and the husband no doubt!). Sabine has reached five months old and is now a little person rather than a pooing, spewing machine.  She is a mini-me in looks and personality (so the husband keeps pointing out) so hold onto your hats...the next few months are going to be crazy!

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