Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All the fun at the park

We live not far from Tahunanui Beach, there is a great park there for kids. There is even a small area for littlies away from the bigger kids stuff which is great! Now that the monster is nearly 6 months she has quite taken to going on the swings and most of all an old school suspended seesaw thingamajig! I was amazed to see she held on all by herself and even though i was holding her she was sitting up all by herself and grinning from ear to ear. Hmm, i think i may have a daredevil on my hands in a few more months! Anyway, i am always on the hunt for things to do with my monster instead of her just sitting around doing not much, or my pet hate of parked in front of the TV (although this does have its place when you really need to get something done!). So a short walk in the buggy to the park, a bit of a play on the seesaw and off we trot home (and sometimes past the cafe for muma to grab a takeaway coffee!). Sabine always sleeps well after a bit of fresh sea air and some great play time, and of course one happy muma!

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