Friday, September 10, 2010

How to make friends and influence people

Well it's more about the making friends part, influencing can come later he he.  Since we moved away from friends on the North Shore being a stay at home mum (SAHM) can become a little bit of a lonely business, so i embarked on a serious mission of making new friends (with and without babies attached to their hips).  We attended the antenatal course at the Onewa Parent centre on the North Shore and this was fantastic, well as fantastic as a course on the shocking facts that WILL happen to you when that baby wants to come out, but the people we met were fantastic. So when we arrived in Nelson one of the first things i did was get in contact with the parent centre here.  Less than a week later i was enrolled on the 'Moving & Munching' course and sitting in a room of mums who all knew each other. Errrk, feeling rather like the new kid i tried very hard not to be nervous and chat with the in crowd. Luckily, i had sat next to a great mum and she chatted away to me during the course and asked if i wanted to join their coffee group....SCORE! So last night i baked a carrot cake, leaving very strict instructions to my husband that he was not to consume this cake, so that i will score copious amounts of 'new kid' points at the group this morning.

So my next mission is to make some 'non-mummy' friends to balance the mix, I'm thinking maybe a running/cycling buddy or at least someone to have a wine with he he.

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