Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let the munching begin...

My little monster has been experimenting with food for a few weeks now, well when i say food i mean mush and anything going in my mouth (that apparently is much better looking than what is in her bowl!).  I'm going aout this 'eating' thing rather blindly, plunket seems to be puree, puree, puree but then there's this whole other thing out there called "baby lead weening" my intellectual head says new fad out of the States, but then there are little bits of this which are great (having fun trying to get the steamed broccoli actually in your mouth DIY style).  So were doing a bit of both, some of the BLW is to me a load of old BS (mean how can a child of under the age of one 'choose' to eat a burger from McDonalds. Yes, yes i have seen pics of this...good luck to the mothers trying to "ween" them off that later in life) but other parts are fantastic and make lots of sense! I Have made my own puree, mainly carrot and kumera and that seems to be going down well. But her fave thing to eat is Papa's nectarine, not pureed...straight off the stone!

She eats this with determination, seriously she bites down and you can almost imagine the "Raaaaaaaaaaaar, nom nom nom" needless to say the husband doesn't get much nectarine with this monster around!

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