Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Me

My mum had the pleasure of 'choosing' me he he, i am the chosen one, i like to gloat about this secretly behind my brothers back. You see i am the adopted child into the family, i like to think that mum had my brother and then hang on, next one needs an upgrade! And Ta da, here i am. I may get killed for saying that if my brother ever reads this, luckily he lives in the UK but i doubt that would stop him from killing me!

So when i was pregnant the husband turned round and said "Sabine will be your first blood line" i had never really thought about that! Someone actually related to me by blood, not! Not that i don't consider my family not my family, i don't know any different to the next kid and their family. But needless to say, pretty special really.

When the monster arrived, we had no idea who she looked like. The husband and i had jokes about which bit of us was what the monster got, the husband got pale skin and farts hehe. And then mum sent me some pictures of me when i was little...i have a mini me!

Me...many moons ago!

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