Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunny Nelson = muma makes a sun hat!

The little monster had tonnes of warm woolen beanies made by Nana Baba in the UK, nearly one for every day of the week! But as on cue daylight savings happens and Nelson turns on a beautiful sunny day and 18 degrees. I had planned a walk this afternoon down the beach, round the duck pond etc and i thought mission i will make a sunhat before we go!

I stumbled across a MAGNIFICENT website called Prudent Baby and a 40's inspired sunhat. So off to good old spotlight i went and found the great little bits of fabric in the quilting dept. It only took an hour to make and it was extremely easy. Most sunhats these days are $40 plus, so for under $10 and a little of your time you too can make this wonderful sunhat and feel very proud you made it yourself!

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