Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-school or not to pre-school, that is the question!

I went to look at a pre-school for my petite monster yesterday, a super cool little outfit set up in a house in a nice area.  The one we looked at the other week (200m up the road) said the wait list was soooo long that she might not get in until next year! A friend in Auckland is having a bigger dilemma as the one near her has an 18 month waiting would need to put them on the list before they were conceived!!!

I still think my monster is a little bit little, but i think part of it might be my anxiety of letting her out of my cuddling arms and out of my sight where god forbid someone else will be looking after her. I can hear them now "It's ok madam, you can stay for morning tea as well. Then maybe you can release the killer cuddle grip you have on Sabine and she can breathe again".  *sigh* i personally think it will be good for her to have a couple of mornings a week at the pre-school, play with other kids and be in a wonderfully nurturing environment  (different to my wonderful environment...oooh you should have seen the super cute rabbit). I would like to go back to do some work as i can feel my brain cells depleting as i write and it's probably good if i start now before i become even more neurotic he he.

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