Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby 'wearing'

I didn't know this, but apparently there is a whole following called 'baby wearing'.  There are lot's of different 'followings', Baby lead weaning, cloth nappies, sling babies, mums that don't let their babies cry at all, mums that let their babies cry it out. The list goes on and on, i am in the camp of 'go with what works'.  We do use cloth nappies and suppliment with the occasional disposable and we use a mix of puree and finger food (apparenlty there is nothing better than a bit of toast smothered in carrot puree to smear all over your face and chew on). Anyhow, back to the wearing of my buba! I started off with a simple sling when the monster was little and didn't wriggle too much, that didn't last long. I found that i got nervous about the angle of her neck and couldn't wear it for long as i had a sore back from pregnancy.  But it has been resurected now Sabine is able to sit up, as now she sits upright in the sling (side on, right on my hip) and this is great for short journeys round the supermarket etc.  We also have a Kathmandu backpack, which i love as its perfect for when i walk the dog on the beach where the buggy can't go cause of the very soft sand. Sabine loves being up high, she is a princess looking down on her disciples! Its great for longer walks and going round the Nelson markets as it has a built in pocket that i can put my vegies in.

But sometimes i find the backpack is just a wee bit heavy and bulky, so after a wee bit of investigating i have purchased a Baby Hawk (Mai Tai).  This is a Japanese stlye sling that you carry your buba piggyback style! Super light and i get the lovely bonus of having my monster snuggled up against me. Haven't got a pic of her in it yet...but here's what it looks like. It's taken a wee while to find the right way of wearing a monster but i love it more than having her in the buggy (except for when i go running as the buggy rocks!).

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