Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting back to fitness (and in my size 8 clothes!)

Before i had my little monster i was extremely active competing in athletics, triathlon and cycling. Training 18+ hours a week, about 55kg's and i ate what i wanted when i wanted. I put on about 12kg's with Sabine and remained very active during my pregnancy competing in the Xterra national champs in Rotorua at 5months pregnant and running and swimming right through until the monster arrived. 6months on and i am 5kg's over my pre-pregnancy weight. I know i'm not huge or anything, but having not weighed more than 58kg's my entire life it's pretty hard feeling a bit 'wobbly' and untoned. So I'm back training again (Running and cycling) and slowly building my strength back up and trying to loose the weight and feel fit again. It's seems though my body is having a hard time getting the message, i'm exercising more and eating less (oh how i miss you Oreo's) but the evil scales still same the same blinking numbers. The good thing is i am feeling fitter, finding running easier, going further and climbing stronger! If i focus on these things (and not the dreaded numbers on the scales) hopefully i will drop the weight in a more positive less obsessive way!

The tricky part is finding the time to exercise, before 7 is a little  hard (especially if the monster woke at 5am) so some mornings the husband will do the 7am feed whilst i trot around the block. But typically i rush out the door shortly after the husband gets home, and this was fantastic yesterday as it's now daylight savings and it was a beautiful sunny day.  The weekends we play tag team of exercising and looking after Sabine, sometimes we sub in a grandparent too. One day we might be able to go for a ride together (shock horror!). Some days however, I'm so exhausted from looking after Sabine and trying to maintain a tidy house that it just doesn't happen.

The one thing i have started doing is running with the buggy, now this is good and bad. Good that i get out and can take Sabine. Bad that your running style goes out the window and i can imagine it would give you an injury after a while of doing this. But as spring gets warmer and we get into summer, i think i will go crazy staying inside so i might just have to keep swapping hands on the buggy and maybe run the opposite way round a loop so even out the body he he.

I run with my Phil and Ted Sport, but i wish i had one of these....DROOL!

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